"The Husband"....,

Has an accumulated 16 years in a past Indie touring rock band.  During those same 16 years he handled booking, promotion, and day to day operations of an all ages music venue.  He was a self employed small business owner and entrepreneur.  At 1 point he found himself exhausted and unfulfilled. It is then that he took all of his toys, packed them up, and locked them away, with no intent to ever explore any of their possibilities..., ever...., again.

Upon an inspired leap of faith and gentle coaxing from "The Wife", "The Husband", unpacked his guitars and equipment and  started writing music that spoke to himself and his wife.  Some of the music directly dealt with problems and issues that needed addressing by "The Husband" since his departure from out of the world.  All of this obviously was in desperate need of Christ's help! 

T.G.E.'s music is inspired, multi-genre, self recorded and produced.  The artist is seeking no fame, no immense fortunes, or reputation, and welcomes humility while avoiding the normal pitfalls of the music world.  We are releasing our musical doves and allowing them to speak to those who need to hear their messages.


“The Wife”


A preternaturally shy book nerd who prefers poetry to parties, the Wife is a least likely candidate for any form of public music ministry—but with her Taller Half’s encouragement, has gradually overcome her fear to sing the four-part harmony she learned as a child growing up in a church that praised God a cappella (Italian for ‘in the manner of the chapel’). She is also currently taking piano lessons to (hopefully) someday accompany Husband’s eclectic guitar playing with the beauty and complexity it deserves.


Wife has an extensive library that includes sections on everything from Art History to The Bible as Literature to Cultural Anthropology to Nanoscience to Opals to Postmodernism...avoids social media “debates” about politics like the Bubonic plague...collects miniature perfumes, rocks, & African artifacts...and recalibrates, hits Refresh, and reconnects with our Creator by re-reading Job 38 and studying nature, at both the infinitesimal nanoscale and in the exuberant grandeur of the night sky.       


The heavens declare his righteousness, and all the people see his glory. –Psalm 97:6


The Goldilocks Enigma also extends to Husband and Wife personally, having been brought together by God for His purposes and placed exactly where they could observe Him at work, and see themselves anew as a “good work” in His infinite grace, their temperaments and talents finally complemented and completed.   


Advice Wife gives their son, which she tries to live by: “Always stay teachable—to know how much you don’t know is the beginning of wisdom.”