The Goldilocks Enigma: “Now what?” – Christian Music That Cuts To the Core 

Posted By: Jacob Aiden Posted date: January 17, 2017 

Where was The Goldilocks Enigma back in the covered wagon days? Christians sure could have benefited and been encouraged by their songs that challenge specific areas of growth and self-examination. OK, so they weren’t around back a number of years ago. But they are now, and oh how you sense God speaking through their music and lyrics…with twist. Songs like “Lies For Miles” not only has their almost trademark of doing something new and different with their talented, it encourages and challenges both at the same time to keep your eyes open for false prophets while consolidating your faith. And you’ll love to hum along with the upbeat and harmony-filled “Come Out”. 

“Now what?” is definitely different than what might be called “traditional” Christian pop or rock albums, and the differences can mostly be found in the lyrics, which yes, are full of praise and worship, but  The Goldilocks Enigma always have a question mark placed somewhere in their songs. 

Their beef is obviously not with faith or Jesus, but directly with mankind and his odd behavioral patterns. So there are always warning signs in their songs to be on the alert and not to just blindly conform while finding our way out of the dark. They hit up this theme rather directly on “Church Of Walls”, one of my favorite songs. 

You won’t find any fluff or sweet filler songs here as The Goldilocks Enigma move between varying acoustic-driven arrangements, featuring male and female lead vocals, as well as upbeat and slower songs. They run the entire gamut of emotions, while always infusing their songs with thought provoking lyrics. 

And if it’s true that the message is the most important thing in a Christian music album then you will find many messages here. Probably more than you think, and definitely more than you bargained for.  Every song is a good one, with poignant, piercing, fierce lyrics and compelling music to match. 

With lyrics that could make many a Christian squirm in their comfortable lives, The Goldilocks Enigma will challenge you to step up to the plate and be the example that He expects you to be, not what the rest of us expects you to be. 

The lyrical and musical talent of this husband and wife musical team is surpassed only by their devotion to the ministry of spreading His Word. For those who want to hear words of uplifting encouragement, hope and grace, you’ll find that too, as you will, plenty of melody, harmony and musical variation. 

The Goldilocks Enigma knows how to cut straight to the core and shake your soul awake. Add that to music that gets stuck in your head and you have been given a gift of worship at any time you play the music.



Deep Swamps, Louisiana, USA – January 4, 2016 - The Goldilocks Enigma is a rare combination of 

grunge rock mechanics and a powerful Christian message.  Their music is inspired not only by 

wanting something more from life, but also a commentary on everyday life on planet earth. 

TGE's music appeals to anyone finding themselves asking "is there more to life/art/music than what the commercial mainstream offers on a robot-o-tron basis?"   Their music has been found to be responsible for pricking hearts and opening eyes & ears.   

"a masterpiece that touches on the finer points of faith through finely-engineered layers of sound. 70's grooves quickly spin into garage indie seamlessly, with the only commonality being their powerful message of faith and understanding what it means to be human." 

" this album is the perfect representation of a band that truly knows what it means to create art, rather than simply making music for the masses." 

Refusing to stay in one place, TGE arrangements maintain a DIY feel while differing from track to track, encompassing elements of various rock genres such as blues, garage, grunge, and indie. 

Not for the faint of heart.  TGE music has been found to change perspectives and lives.


Review: The Goldilocks Enigma – ‘Now What’ 

An inspired musical duo, The Goldilocks Enigma is the creative work of ‘The Husband’ and ‘The Wife’, two kindred spirits with a joint passion for music. With a wealth of experience behind them, the couple has created a wonderfully hybrid, multi-genre sound that they have self-recorded and produced, seeking no fame or fortune, only the freedom to create. 

With a dedicated belief that they have been brought together by God for his purposes, the Husband and Wife place themselves at the forefront of the Christian music scene, creating their music in accordance with their passion and faith. Already well known for songs such as ‘Lies for Miles’, their sound has become a trademark, bringing experimentation and upbeat harmonies to the fore. 

One of their most accomplished singles, ‘Now What’ see the duo have continued to break away from the traditional Christian sounds, launching themselves firmly into more pop and rock-inspired melodies that are full of praise and worship. Aiming to shine a spotlight on the more detrimental behaviours of humanity, ‘Now What’ has a darker, more atmospheric underpinning, creating an unmistakable depth and character. 

There is a rough sound and production value to the mix, arriving from the DIY manner in which it’s been made, but ‘Now What’ works by cutting through needless dalliances and aiming right for the very heart and soul of its audience.