From the recording Bread & Circuses

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Instrumental to No One

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1. The quiet of the none, Its not all right,
Silence of the tone, my breaking might,
Just to hear Your voice oh Lord,
Above the looming fight,
Feel Your standing guard, against the coming reich,

To hear You oh Lord, would feel mighty.,
To hear You oh Lord, speak mightily,
To hear You oh Lord, my dying need.

2. The cup it boils over, evil sprung to life,
Once upon a time, Normal.., now broke & died,
Need to hear the trumpet roar,
Promise to step aside,
Near the end of the road, tarry not, oh God!,


3. The page has yet to turn, darkness will see the light.
The earth & all that’s burned, without even a fight,
The sword is the Word, writing light through sight,
Weaving every word, a hearing net to life,