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Church of Walls

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Though I fall I will not crawl away..,
Though I fall I will not run & hide..,
I only seek the throne room & His grace..,
The path is narrow but the road is wide..,
As we stand we wither day to day..,
As some seek a hybrid from out-of-space..,
The foretold.., is.., absolute in place..,

Don’t conform to this world..,
Take your foot back.., from.., the grave..,
Store treasures in heaven…, or the world.., you’ve made..,

Though I run.., The race is not the way..,
Still I run., though my flesh heaves a cry..,
Only seek the truth & not man-made..,
Church of walls is all but a sigh..,
Repent now while time.., is still.., on your side..,


You are the Church without walls all around you..,
No stages, titles, or pharisees.., Church is all You..,

So I guard my sight from all profane..,
So I guard my mind with wisdom & strife..,
Orbs of light satanic trickery..,
ET’s are multi-dimensional flights..,
Always look for horns around.., all.., blasphemy..,