1. Concrete Jesus

From the recording Bread & Circuses

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Concrete Jesus

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1. The houses are darling.., fences all in a row..,
Smiles so alluring.., Dress the Garden of Overload..,
Concrete undriven upon.., now peeled out from its mold..,
Adorning all the lawns.., replacing the need for hope…,

Concrete Jesus stares as the world just passes by..,
Mary seems surprised as she’s placed right at his side..,
Can manmade desires replace prophecy foretold?...,
How many lawn baked idols does it take to save your soul?..,

2. The houses crumble.., fences.., withered.., falling down..,
The frowns now revealing.., The idol times where we are found..,
Concrete disheveled.., now overgrown in toxic mold..,
Peek out from behind.., families broken.., moving on…,


3. Your time at his feet.., eager to state your case..,
You boast of your yard kept neat.., Statues in their place..,
You passed on the hungry..,starved for time you waste..,
I never knew you my son…, enter Your deserving place….,


Turn away from her.., There’s no queen of heaven..,
The foolish cling to rocks as floods rise..,
Mountains crashing down…, will destroy your idols..,
Turn away whilst there’s time.., or prepare for .., eternal fire..,