From the recording Bread & Circuses

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Muzzled With Silence

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1. Will you sit still..,
As the world tramples us down..,
Will you speak the Word..,
As we were instructed to…,
I won’t sit idle by..,
Won’t give in to this.., worldly design…,
Father of Lies…, Mutating all Life.., Through portals of our eyes…,

What is the chaff to the wheat?..,
Let him who has His Word speak faithfully…., faithfully…,

Will you admit you know Him.., or save your own head..,
Admit you know Him.., or join your Brethren..,

I won’t take., Christ for granted.., His word needs to be sown..,
I won’t take.., Christ for granted.., faithfully sow.., Him who knows…,

2. Will you sit still……, trampled.., down…,
Speak the Word.., or accept worldly design..,
Father of Lies.., mutating all life.., through portals of our eyes…,