1. I I Me Me

From the recording Bread & Circuses

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I I Me Me

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1. Never a bad time, being me,
Trust in the headlines, all eyes, see me!,
Red carpet, white lies, I love Me,
Never enough time, I, I, Me, Me,

Never a bad time for selfies,
I don’t think I have a bad side,
Post ‘em all & love me, your next to me,
Never a bad smile to be seen,
Pearly whites…., slow walk with me.

2. Never a waste of time being seen,
Facials to tone lines, I love me,
Bright lights, smoking nights,
Tweeting my speech,
Update my status while kissing digital screens,


3. Never a bad time ‘less I’m alone with me,
Black tears & hand cries, no one sees,
Trust in the dark side, feel the squeeze,
Cast I & Me aside, let Jesus lead,