From the recording Bread & Circuses

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Crash Go The Idols

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No not to us Lord, No not to us Lord,
No not to us Lord.., But to Your name the Glory!

1. Why do the nations say? Where is their God?
Our Gods in Heaven., doing whatever He pleases!
Their idols silver & gold.., made by human hands..,
Have mouths.., can’t speak.., have eyes can’t see.., oh no…,

Let’s crash the idols down.., Give up the Glory…,
Let’s crash the idols down.., To God the Glory!

2. They have ears but can’t hear..,Noses that can’t smell..,
Have hands that can’t feel..,Have feet but cannot travel round..,
From their throats come no sound..,Those that make em will be like them..,
And so in them who trust..,Let’s crash the idols down…,

LeClerc.., 1524.., Spoke ill.., the Pontiff’s crowd..,
Beat, whipped., & branded brow..,
Kicked in the doors.., littered the streets with idol crowns..,
His limbs hacked.., flesh torn.., burned up on a mound..,


3. He is our help.., He is our shield..,
All those who fear him.., trust in the Lord!
He will bless his people., Israel..,
Both small & great alike..,
Let’s crash the idols down…,



Psalm 115