1. Picky

From the recording Bread & Circuses

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1. Oh Lord pre-pare me for battle,
Help me keep my armor fully on,
Seeking guidance., in all of my steps..,
Speak Your words., bring strongholds.., crashing down..,

Pick me up when I waiver..,

2. Pick our choices.., can’t pick an outcome..,
Enemies seek.., devour.., kill.., & rob..,
Overturning stones to discover.., where he seeks.., to steal life.., from God’s creation..,

Pick all our own way.., leads to no desired destination..,
Pick all our own way.., can lead to your white throne.., destination..,
*At the feet of Christ*…,Oh Oh Ohhhhh…,

3. Lost through choices.., none too humble..,
Dictated morals.., genetics lost through life..,
Tattered memories.., un-natural actions..,
Till tomorrow.., sober.., realize..,
No true love of destination…,
Seeking refuge within a same kind..,
Though they too.., have picked their destination..,

*At the feet of Christ, The Judge of all, Don’t get caught, At the feet of Christ, The Judge of all,*
Seek in Him.., to avoid.., your destination..,

4. Hope to lessen.., eternal torture..,
Try to fake smile.., your fate.., your choice.., the lie..,
When life winds down.., then the tremble..,
As the time.., reveals.., your desolation..,

*At the feet of Christ*, * The Judge of all*, *Don’t get caught*, *At the feet of Christ*, *The Judge of all*..,