From the recording Bread & Circuses

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Day of the Lord

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Sometimes your battle is right where you are.,
Sometimes (if) you don’t see Christ at your side,
Look ahead maybe he’s leading on, to the battle,
Right now, your on enemy turf, shout out..,
With the authority of Christ,.., Charge on..,
The enemy will flee & scatter, That’s all he can do..,
On the day of days.., on the day of the Lord..,
He’ll come riding down in a cloud.., He’s coming for his bride.., Charge On!

Take heed in the knowing.., Take heart in the growings..,
No reason to fear, the only one foolish enough.., to be thrown from Heaven.,
Take heart in the knowing., Take heed in the growings..,
No reason to fear the one, The Abyss was designed for..,

When He comes, He comes as a thief in the night,
To late, to gather your oil, To late, to repent for the right,
Yeah.., you got your bricks & mortat, built up.., But..,
None of God’s armor, bricks & mortar will plummet You..,
Your followers, Your fathers, those worshipping the same dead idols,
Those mocking the lamb, All you who toss your babies to the belly of mollock,
You may gather now & Hi Five, but once slain, There’s no turning back, your blood.., now required,


No reason to fear, No reason to fear, he was thrown down from Heaven,
He’s never gonna see it again, Take heart in the knowing, Take heed in the growing,
No reason to fear, No reason to fear, Yeah, you got your bricks & mortar,
But you gonna beg for water., Cause its gonna be eternally hot & the worms will be crawling in & out,
No relief.., No relief.., No relief..,